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2x3 ft Lesbian Pride Flag (Community Lesbian Flag)

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2'x3' Community Lesbian, LGBTQIA Pride Flag, Orange Lesbian Flag

Celebrate your pride by displaying this Fun 2x3 ft Rainbow flag! 

The Community Lesbian Flag was created in a collaborative attempt over a year in the making within the lesbian community. The goal was to create a flag that could represent all lesbians, not just a subset. Each color represents key aspects of lesbianism: transgressive Womanhood, Community, Gender Nonconformity, Freedom, and Love. This flag is meant to be a symbol for all lesbians, a symbol for the diversity of lesbians and the lesbian experiences, and a symbol of unity within the community, no matter our differences. 

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So often we buy Pride related items and the profit goes solely to some big business who does not really care about our community... I hope if you are reading this you will consider supporting LGBTQ owned business, and make My Pride Store -- Your Pride Store!! 

Customer Reviews

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Alicia Zibreira
So cute and the right colours/shades!

i’ve been looking for a flag that had the perfect shades of the lesbian flag and also its so hard finding one that’s 2x3 so i’m really happy with my purchase!

Thank you for the awesome review! I'm so very glad you like your flag!️‍

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