Picture of the 2x3ft Bisexual pride flag. There is also a lable showing that this store is a Trans owned shop.
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag
2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag

2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag

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2'x3' Bi Pride Flag - Bi Sexual Pride Flag


Celebrate your pride!

Imagine the joy you will feel as you are finally able to showcase your Bi Pride.

This 2x3ft Bi Pride Flag will fit perfectly where a standard 3x5ft flag is just to much.

Durable polyester full color flag

Our light weight flags have full vibrant colors.

Made from lightweight polyester so they will fly easily in the wind.

Measures 2 ft x 3 ft

This smaller size looks amazing in a window on a door or almost anywhere!

Two metal grommets 

Two metal grommets make flying your flag a BREEZE! 

Double stitched edges

Double stitched edges ensure your flag will last.

Indoor or Outdoor Use

Flags are water resistant and look great indoors or outdoors.

Supporting LGBTQIA+ Owned and Ran Small Business

So often we buy Pride related items and the profit goes solely to some big business who does not really care about our community. My Pride Store is 100% LGBTQIA+ Owned and operated. Check out our about us page to learn more.


Bi Flag Colors

Pink color represents

Sexual attraction to the same sex only (gay and lesbian).
Blue represents
Sexual attraction to the opposite sex only (straight)
Purple represents
Sexual attraction to both sexes (bi)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Christine Jung

2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag

Great flag.

Came in the correct size, the colors are vibrant, and it looks great hanging on my wall.

2x3 ft Bi Pride Flag

Good quality and the colors look really good, just like the 3x5 ft flag I ordered from this shop before. Wouldn't expect anything less from this shop!

My pride store is a queer lgbtqia owned and ran small business.

Support LGBTQ+ Owned And Ran Business

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